How to Make Cloud Computing Better

The game’s rules are changing in our world due to technological advancement. Today, everyone uses a computer and the internet to complete their work, and for this to work, specific resources, storage, and processing power are required.

The innovative idea of cloud computing has been making waves in the IT industry for some time. Cloud computing is an online service that allows businesses to use pooled computing resources rather than regional servers or even individual computers.

Simply put, cloud computing moves the services outside the company’s firewall. Like every other industry, the cloud computing industry has room for improvement. The following states the same thing.

Cloud computing: Strengths and weaknesses

 Following are some areas where cloud computing could still be enhanced:-

  • Greater Safety Unexpected cyber attacks are still possible on cloud servers. It is clear from the same that improved security mechanisms are still needed for cloud computing. The latest incident in which the data of around 50 million users was compromised perfectly illustrates the same.

The same demonstrates that there are still openings that hackers can take advantage of. As a result, security is a factor that can constantly be enhanced, and the same can be said for adopting more sophisticated encryption techniques and protocols.

  • Connectivity Even though cloud computing can enable us to store many GBs of data on servers, given the most recent advancements, even that may prove insufficient.

To bring us closer to a world where everything could be stored in the cloud, and there would be no need for local storage devices, cloud computing was developed. Given the impending 5G technology, the cloud computing industry could greatly profit from the same.

  • The area of cloud computing needs to improve in terms of integration. Even if it can combine some recently discovered technologies to produce effective programs, it could still be further enhanced.

Enhancing integration capabilities means better integrating and communicating with newly introduced plugins. It will enable the field of cloud computing to create some new opportunities.

  • Every area needs to continuously advance through modernization as time goes on. We are blessed with some improvements every day in this technologically advanced time. It is essential to upgrade the architecture frequently if cloud computing is to fulfill its promise.
  • Processing Due to the insights it can produce, data has recently dominated the market and emerged as the perfect source for staying one step ahead of the competition. The average amount of data generated daily is expected to soar, given the surge in data and data sciences popularity.

We must ensure that we can manage the unexpected increase in data flow in such circumstances. We would need more processing power to handle the growing volume of unstructured data if we wanted to derive trustworthy insights from it.


Like every industry in development, cloud computing has room for improvement. But because of the domain’s scalability and potential, the same will continue to hold until it is supplanted by something more valuable and superior. It is important to remember that something is not necessarily flawed just because it could be improved.

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